Thursday, March 14, 2013

From a Mom: Why Online Music Lessons Made My Life a Whole Lot Easier

I love music. I want all three of my children to love it too. But our music lessons were beginning to feel like they were more trouble than they were worth. Until recently. We tried out a new music lesson experience that has been great for the children and a relief for me and my husband. Allow me to set the scene:

Pack up two youngest children (1 toddler) for 10 minute drive to pick up my 9 year-old daughter from school to take her to piano lesson. We like our teacher ok, but we haven’t had much choice. I check my bag for:

     photo kid_piano_zps7ab3f5ca.jpg
  • Diapers
  • Snacks
  • Books to read
  • Lesson materials
  • Hand sanitizer

Pick up Lizzie at school, and drive 20 minutes in semi-stressful early rush hour traffic.

Arrive at teacher’s studio. If we can park nearby, I sometimes send Lizzie in by herself. The other kids and I stay in car, running heat or AC as the season dictates. I haven’t even begun to figure out the cost of gas for these lesson trips - no doubt we’re burning through extra cash.

More often, we go into the waiting room that our teacher and other teachers share.  It’s crowded, chaotic, full of other kids who are sick or misbehaving. The other parents can be great to talk with, but generally this waiting room is not a pleasant experience.  

Time for Lizzie’s lesson.  She forgot to hang up her coat.  She runs back, throws it in my lap she has to pee.  I point her to the restroom and she scurries into her lesson in one of the many small rooms down the hall a few minutes late.  

Lesson over. No time to talk with teacher as the next student is waiting.  Pack up all our stuff.  Put kids coats on and schlep everyone and everything out to car. Our commute home is now a stressful 40 minutes as rush hour has intensified.  

Home.  Corral everyone from the car to the house. Return a phone call from our kitchen contractor, read notes from Lizzie’s teacher, work with kids to pick up the mess they made as we hurried out of house earlier.  

Consider preparing dinner, but I’m too exhausted and the children need my attention.  I call my husband Jeff and we make arrangements to meet at a pizza place that’s on the way home from his office.  

Everyone back into car.  

Pizza dinner. It’s quick, but not the healthiest.  We get the family out of there for $35.  

Home.  Everyone back into house.

We start getting younger children ready for bed. I’m ready for bed myself! Instead, its time for me to get cracking on the work emails that have accumulated over the course of the evening.

Sound familiar??

My neighbor Claire and I take turns picking up our girls from school.  On Lizzie’s lesson day, it’s Claire’s turn. I'm home enjoying working on art projects with some of the other kids.

Lizzie’s home.  We have a snack, wash up and position the laptop by the piano so that webcam has a good view of her and the keyboard.  

We login to The ZOEN and I greet Lizzie’s wonderful teacher whom we’ve chosen from a selection of over 50 from across the country.  

For the next 30 minutes while Lizzie is having her lesson, I read a chapter of that book I’ve been trying to catch up on or I catch up with some business calls and emails that I’d otherwise have to push to late night.  The other children are happily playing in the family room and I drop in on them occasionally.    

I check in with Lizzie’s teacher, get some pointers on the week’s practicing assignment and we sign off.

The evening is free, I’m not stressed or tired, and my daughter has just had a fun and productive music lesson experience. Have online music lessons made my life just a little bit easier? Yes, yes they have.


Kaitlyn W. of San Ramon, CA is a mother of 3 and busy web entrepreneur who loves music and used to play the clarinet in high school.  She tells us that with the convenience of online lessons, she may start playing again herself.  Welcome Kaitlyn!

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  1. Online lessons are only good when you have a great internet connection. It is perfect for people who have hectic schedules though. Some guitar tutors online are excellent teachers. You can really learn a lot but you have to do research to choose the best. :)


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