Sunday, December 2, 2012

Daniel Foran: Why Take Music Lessons Online?

As a voice teacher and singing performer, I have much to share about  the wonderful instrument of the voice and techniques to use it properly. However, in my first contribution to The ZOEN blog, I'd like to address the revolution we are bearing witness to in live online lessons. While the internet has become ubiquitous in societies around the world, the field of online music instruction is still in its pioneering stage.

Music lessons have been growing online and The ZOEN is at the forefront of this evolution. There are a multitude of positive reasons to consider online voice lessons, not the least of which is the flexibility and convenience of learning in the comfort of your home or wherever you have your computer.. And, imagine the fuel saved with gas prices as they are today.

Perhaps your favorite teacher is going to move. Or, maybe you live in California and you want to study with a teacher from New York City. With online lessons, that's now entirely possible. The world has become far more accessible now and you have an opportunity your grandparents never knew and quite possibly never dreamed of.

Today, there are many online homeschooling groups, book exchanges, curriculums and many other resources available to homeschooling families. Music has always been a difficult field for the homeschooling family because teaching it requires one who has been adequately trained. Not only does The ZOEN fulfill this opportunity, families can now also find teachers that are the 'perfect fit' for their children. 

In this new online phenomenon, we are seemingly limited only by our imaginations. The world is changing quickly and new opportunities are opening new doors never thought possible or even considered before. I have been privileged to be part of The ZOEN from the beginning and I have been teaching online lessons for almost two years. For more information about me, be sure to check out my profile on The ZOEN.


  1. I agree with much of what you have said. One of the most important aspects of voice lessons is that you maintain the same instructor while you are first learning.

  2. I'm interested to do voice lessons but I'm having second thoughts coz I don't much time to take her to the class especially during weekdays. Do you have a schedule during weekends coz that's my only free time. Thanks!

    1. Thank-you, Dana! I do have the flexibility of weekend lessons though, they are a little less so than during the week. Please contact me by sending a message through the ZOEN network. Have a great day! D.F.

  3. This is very interesting! I'm glad that there are music lessons in the internet. It's what I've been looking for since I'm a very busy person. Love this!


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