Friday, December 14, 2012

3 Things Busy Moms Would Do With an Hour Saved Through Online Music Lessons

One of the benefits of pursuing music lessons online is the time-saving convenience of staying at home. A 30-minute lesson with a music teacher across town can quickly add up to an hour or more of time away from home once drive-time is included. And then there’s the traffic... 

Curious about what off-duty mom’s would do with some extra downtime, The ZOEN surveyed a group of women about the activities they’d prefer to pursue if they didn't have to spend time shuttling their kids to and from music lessons, not to mention the waiting involved. The top 3 answers were: 

  •  Read - Finally! Time to get through that last chapter. 
  •  Sleep - Get to bed earlier or just sleep in later. 
  •  Exercise - Why, an hour is enough for cardio and strength training. 
In addition, a survey by concluded that 58.8% of women who manage to make time for themselves are forced to do so either early in the morning or late at night, sacrificing sleep and other daily rituals. Online music lessons with an accomplished, professional teacher might offer one solution to bringing mom time back into daytime.

What would busy moms do with an hour saved?

Mom time is important. Lets resolve to have more of it in the new year! 

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