Friday, November 30, 2012

Art's Corner: Where piano lessons meet the web

Hi. I'm Art Matthews and music has always been a very central and important part of my life. My father, Dr. Artie Matthews Sr. (1888-1958), was my first piano teacher, and because of him, I fell in love with ragtime, blues, jazz and classical music. Not only did I hear all of this music on 78 records and the technology of his day like wire recorders, I heard it played live at home and at our music school which he founded in 1921.

Here, I'm about to take a lesson and it looks like Mozart is coming up next. I learned the importance of study, practice and patience at a very early age. Rudiments, reading, repertoire and study are four of the main pillars upon which I was taught to base my musicianship. I learned the importance of developing a solid "left hand" which is required in ragtime playing. "Hey dad, which one of these notes is Middle C?"

Like my father, I’ve dedicated the large portion of my life to being a music educator and performer. Although I'm no longer actively performing, I am still actively involved in online music education by conducting live, truly interactive, face-to-face piano and music lessons with students from around the country and around the world via the Internet.

"Art's Corner" is where you'll find me having fun sharing my opinions and views on things related to piano lessons, practicing and the wide wonderful world of music that I love.

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